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Life is too short, and there are too many things to learn in a lifetime.
If you have faith, you can do anything.
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On August 8, 1996, I was born in Jingmen, Hubei. The people in my hometown where I like the poetry and the endless wilderness are always so simple.
As my friends know, I love the literature very much. I hate mainstream social platforms so that I started a literary community. It is named as CanTime whose Chinese name is called SHIGUANG.
I am honored that I can attend Tianjin University and obtained a bachelor's degree successfully in 2018.
In the campus recruitment, I choosed the Guangzhou Shipyard International Company. There has never been a right choice, trying to make the original choices correct.
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Zhu Sijia
Zhu Sijia

A Great Poet

The poet who loves life has the mature thinking ability, the independent spriritual personality, the limitation of the shackle and shackles, the humility, the uncomplaining, the tenacious and undefeated temperament, the strong strength, and the great perseverance. So I believe your dream will succeed.

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